Every Beauty Corn & Callus Remover

Every Beauty Corn & Callus Remover

  • $10.00

Precision tool to remove corns and calluses while catching clippings. Each end has a different blade. One end has a cutting and slicing blade and the other a scrapping blade. For safety, the blades are inside the tool until you thumb slide open the end you choose.

Uniquely shaped blades are round yet angled to a point. This allows the use of the wider part for larger areas and the angled point for precision use. 

Integrated rubber cleaner bar that pushes out clippings after use. Made of surgical grade stainless steel for quality. Will not rust. Reusable. Usage instructions: Can be used either wet or dry. Gently rub on foot. To Clean: Thoroughly wash product in hot running water. Pat dry. Caution: Do not use if you have diabetes or poor blood circulation or if there is any redness or inflammation in the area to be treated. If irritation occurs, discontinue use. Excessively hard rubbing can break skin and case cuts, scratches and bleeding.

Made in Korea