Every Drop Beauty Spatula - 2 pack

Every Drop Beauty Spatula - 2 pack

  • $9.00

Saving money and our Planet is easy by retrieving expensive cosmetics trapped in containers. Over 100 billion beauty containers are filled each year. Every Drop prevents good product from being dumped into our Planet while saving you money by using the product you paid for.


75% of trapped products is under the bottle's shoulders. Only Every Drop's shape allows this product to be retrieved while also retrieving product from the sides and the bottom.

Use on short and tall bottles. The handle is 8 inches long.


Never get caught on the go or during travel by running out of your cosmetics and personal care products. Carry Every Drop with you to retrieve trapped product and extend the bottle and container use by weeks. 

Shape of head is trademarked.

Use as an applicator to prevent germs on finger tips from going into your product. 

Designed in California.

Uses: Skin care, color cosmetics, personal care, hair care products.

USA deliveries only.