Style Apothecary reviews Every Drop Beauty Spatula


Every Drop Beauty Spatula $4.99 @ Every Beauty Brand

Save up to 25% on every beauty bottle and jar by retrieving the trapped product inside with the Every Drop Beauty Spatula. Reusable and washable, Every Drop works on any shape size bottle or container. Every Drop’s silicon tip does not absorb like cotton swabs so use it as an applicator.

Makeup Addict cannot believe it took this long for someone to come up with this product. We all have problems getting that last few drops of a beauty product out of the container and they cost enough that we are NOT going to toss the left overs away. I have been know to cut the plastic containers to get at it and to use a straw to get at it. But I never thought of a product specifically designed for that purpose. Luckily Every Drop Beauty Spatula did come up with this ingenious little tool. I have tried it in bottles, in jars, and even in tubes that I can remove the little whatyamightcallit that only lets the product come out in small amounts. It worked in every single instance. Every Drop Beauty Spatula is invaluable!! I have almost sprained my hand as I attempted to cut through thick plastic to retrieve the valuable drops left in it. I actually realized the brilliance in this little magic spatula the minute I saw it. . . probably because of the great lengths and pains I have gone to in order to salvage those last few drops of my beauty necessities. You will be very pleased with all that Every Drop Beauty Spatula saves for you. And, might I add Every Drop Beauty Spatula is worth every penny — it is very reasonably priced!!