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Style Apothecary Reviews Every Beauty 3-in-1 Nail File

5153d421eb321cb0_nail_file.xxlargeI think this gives you a pretty good idea of just how useful Every Beauty 3-in-1 Nail File is. This clever little file accomplishes so much – and faster than your everyday file. No matter what tip you have on your nails Every Beauty 3-in-1 Nail File will make it easier for you. At first I thought – Come on – this is just another stupid tool – until I actually tried it. I have semi-squared tips like shown and I was almost floored at how quickly I could just slightly round the corners – yet keep the square. I let them go for a few days and then gave them the old oval tip — once again I had them done in no time and looking better than any time I did them with a regular file. These Every Beauty people are on top of the day-to-day beauty products we run into and usually just work around. See my other reviews for their products to see what I mean. They have true genius in solving life’s little beauty dilemmas. Hey, check out their website – bet they have a couple of fixes for problems you run into with beauty products. Personally, I love Every Beauty 3-in-1 Nail File and I bet you will too. And I hope they continue to solve more of our every day problems. http://styleapothecary.onsugar.com/Every-Beauty-3–1-Nail-File-Review-Every-Beauty-3–1-File-Review-Every-Beauty-Nail-File-Review-30194402