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Saving money with Every Drop Beauty Spatula

piggy-bank-7908_640Saving money has become a hot topic lately. Many shows have been
discussing how to save money on beauty products. As Every Drop Beauty
Spatula is the Original Beauty Spatula designed to save money by retrieving trapped product, here are some important tips.
Plastic tubes can be cut open and have the product removed. Using a
spatula is more hygienic than using fingers as bacteria may be on the
finger tips.
Those beauty pump tubes sometimes can be unscrewed from the bottom.
Unscrew them and slide in the Every Drop Beauty Spatula to retrieve the
Bottles which shoulders will trap more product than those without
shoulders. So consider the type of bottle you are purchasing. Almost 80%
of trapped product resides in those shoulders. You need to use a beauty
spatula with a shoulder edge tool to retrieve trapped product from this
area. Every Drop is the only beauty spatula with a shoulder edge tool.