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Summer is coming Sunscreen and a every drop beauty tube squeezers are the perfect match.

summerSummer is coming which means strong UV rays that can damage skin. New
studies show proper SPF protection prevents wrinkles which in turn helps
one look younger. There are better and more natural SPF choices in the
marketplace today. Remember product does get trapped in tubes. Our new
Every Drop Beauty Tube Squeezers allow you to use every ounce you paid

Style Apothecary Reviews Every Beauty 3-in-1 Nail File

5153d421eb321cb0_nail_file.xxlargeI think this gives you a pretty good idea of just how useful Every Beauty 3-in-1 Nail File is. This clever little file accomplishes so much – and faster than your everyday file. No matter what tip you have on your nails Every Beauty 3-in-1 Nail File will make it easier for you. At first I thought – Come on – this is just another stupid tool – until I actually tried it. I have semi-squared tips like shown and I was almost floored at how quickly I could just slightly round the corners – yet keep the square. I let them go for a few days and then gave them the old oval tip — once again I had them done in no time and looking better than any time I did them with a regular file. These Every Beauty people are on top of the day-to-day beauty products we run into and usually just work around. See my other reviews for their products to see what I mean. They have true genius in solving life’s little beauty dilemmas. Hey, check out their website – bet they have a couple of fixes for problems you run into with beauty products. Personally, I love Every Beauty 3-in-1 Nail File and I bet you will too. And I hope they continue to solve more of our every day problems. http://styleapothecary.onsugar.com/Every-Beauty-3–1-Nail-File-Review-Every-Beauty-3–1-File-Review-Every-Beauty-Nail-File-Review-30194402

beautybrite.com reviews our Foot Smoother and 3-in-1 Nail File


Foot Smoother and 3-in-1 Nail File

I received the Foot Smoother and 3-in-1 Nail File for the purpose of this review.

As a busy mom and wife, I tend to neglect my own needs. Like all moms, I put my family before anything else. With both the foot smoother and 3-in-Nail File, I can care for my feet and nails in record time!

For some reason, I always forget to pamper my feet and nails! My feet carry my weight, and I don’t take care of them as I should. I love the foot smoother! It is easy to use. I love the shape of the product itself. It is shaped perfectly to fit in my hand and get a good grip to use on my feet. I use them lightly on my feet to smooth the rough and dry areas. I can also use them on my elbows and knees too! My feet are left feeling soft now! My feet are so spoiled and pampered and that’s okay with me!

My nails get trimmed but that’s about it. I don’t get manicures either, which means I have to care for my nails as much as I can. I don’t have emery boards on hand, so the 3-in-1 Nail File definitely helps me shape my nails! I love that I can safely throw it in my handbag or pocket without scratching anything. It is smooth and easy to hold in my hand as I use it on my nails.

It is so nice to have the foot smoother and nail file! I did not have either product before and now I can use them to care for my nails and feet like they should be.

Style Apothecary reviews Every Drop Beauty Spatula


Every Drop Beauty Spatula $4.99 @ Every Beauty Brand

Save up to 25% on every beauty bottle and jar by retrieving the trapped product inside with the Every Drop Beauty Spatula. Reusable and washable, Every Drop works on any shape size bottle or container. Every Drop’s silicon tip does not absorb like cotton swabs so use it as an applicator.

Makeup Addict cannot believe it took this long for someone to come up with this product. We all have problems getting that last few drops of a beauty product out of the container and they cost enough that we are NOT going to toss the left overs away. I have been know to cut the plastic containers to get at it and to use a straw to get at it. But I never thought of a product specifically designed for that purpose. Luckily Every Drop Beauty Spatula did come up with this ingenious little tool. I have tried it in bottles, in jars, and even in tubes that I can remove the little whatyamightcallit that only lets the product come out in small amounts. It worked in every single instance. Every Drop Beauty Spatula is invaluable!! I have almost sprained my hand as I attempted to cut through thick plastic to retrieve the valuable drops left in it. I actually realized the brilliance in this little magic spatula the minute I saw it. . . probably because of the great lengths and pains I have gone to in order to salvage those last few drops of my beauty necessities. You will be very pleased with all that Every Drop Beauty Spatula saves for you. And, might I add Every Drop Beauty Spatula is worth every penny — it is very reasonably priced!!


Saving money with Every Drop Beauty Spatula

piggy-bank-7908_640Saving money has become a hot topic lately. Many shows have been
discussing how to save money on beauty products. As Every Drop Beauty
Spatula is the Original Beauty Spatula designed to save money by retrieving trapped product, here are some important tips.
Plastic tubes can be cut open and have the product removed. Using a
spatula is more hygienic than using fingers as bacteria may be on the
finger tips.
Those beauty pump tubes sometimes can be unscrewed from the bottom.
Unscrew them and slide in the Every Drop Beauty Spatula to retrieve the
Bottles which shoulders will trap more product than those without
shoulders. So consider the type of bottle you are purchasing. Almost 80%
of trapped product resides in those shoulders. You need to use a beauty
spatula with a shoulder edge tool to retrieve trapped product from this
area. Every Drop is the only beauty spatula with a shoulder edge tool.